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The Songs I Was Telling You About

Somehow You Just Don't Get It

The debut release for fledgeling indie label Round Circle Records.


When it was as good as pillow talk - Compilation

Sometimes Seven is on the new Round Circle Records indie-rockin' poppy'n'melodic compilation disc along such incredible bands as Triple Fast Action, Mock Orange, Curbside Journal, Silver Scooter, Acrobat Down, Paris @ 2am, etc. This is one great emotionally rockin' 18-band cd and can be ordered at for $6ppd. Out now!


Split CD - Microcosm Records

Mictocosm Records Split CD release, featuring Sometimes Seven, The Flotation Walls, Bedford and TheSuperEighteen.


Geek Monger Music Compilation

Sometimes Seven is on the new Geek Monger Music compilation series from Murkta Records. "You Looked Bored" rocks the cd full throttle. Get your copy now - for more info please migrate to - and get all the latest on availability.

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